Delmas Parker Announces Campaign to Bring Progressive Leadership to the Citizens of the 31st Senate District
06 Mar 2012


Last week, I announced that I will seek election to the General Assembly as senator in
the newly created 31st senatorial district. I run to seek new policies: policies that
address poverty in North Carolina, inadequate health care in North Carolina,
inadequate housing in North Carolina, and inadequate funding for our educational
institutions in North Carolina, policies that restore “More at Four” for at risk
children and policies that fully fund the School of the Arts in Winston Salem.
Policies that fully restores funding for Medicaid. I will seek Policies that address the
divide between rich and poor in North Carolina.

I do believe that I can be a positive agent for change in the party and state —change
that brings the party closer to the people, closer to our ideals , closer our grassroots.
And, I pledge to create new opportunities for the citizens of North Carolina to build a
strong vibrant economy.

My reasons for seeking the office are both political and, in a narrower sense,
organizational. My political principles embrace inclusion, decency, and peace and
justice for all people. We must build a party that is clearly identified with these
ideals. We must inspire Democrats to become a force that serves all the people, not
just a few lobbyists and special interests or some ideological agenda in Raleigh. I am
convinced we must build a new sense that politics do count, and that does address
the life concerns of ordinary people. We need to reconstitute ourselves as a
Democratic Party of real values and practical solutions to the problems of working
families in this time of economic hardship.